List of Completion Certificate Applications submitted prior to 22.06.2017 in Chennai Metropolitan Area - Withdrawn Cases

The details of projects for which Completion Certificate Application has been filed with CMDA prior to 22.6.2017 and CC Withdrawn Cases

1 EC/S2/7660/2017 31-05-2017 V.V. MINERALS New Vinayagar Street, (50”0 Road) W.S.N.Garden Voltas Colony Extn, Nanganallur, Chennai-61 in S.No.57/1pt, 58/3Bpt, 59/1 & 2, Old T.S.No.85/1, New T.S.No.85/2, Block No.16 of Thalakananchery Village with in the limits, Chennai Corporation Withdrawn
2 EC/S1/7960/2017 02-06-2017 TNHB S.No.3171/8pt.Triplicane Village, Govt Estate Exg.MLA Hostel Building. Withdrawn
3 EC/C1/7986/2017 02-06-2017 P.KRUTHIVAS(GPA) (OWNERS V.BALAKRISHNAN & VINAY BALAKRISHNAN New door No.17, Old Door No.8, Wheat crafts Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai-34. in R.S.Nos.532/15, Block No.29 of Nungambakkam, Chennai-34. in R.S.No.532/15, Block No.29 of Nungambakkam Village. Withdrawn
4 EC/S2/7998/2017 05-06-2017 SELENE ESTATE LTD Jallandianpettai- Perumbakkam Joint Road, Jalladianpettai Village, Chennai-100. S.No.62/2C2,3, 63/1,2A, 2B, 64/1B, 2A, 2B, 65/1B, 2, 66/1,2 67, 68/1A,2A2, 3, 69/1A, 1B, 1C, 2, 3A,3B,3C, 70/1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8., 71/1, 2,3,5A, 5B2, 74/1C, 4, 75/1,2, 3A,3B,3C, 3D, 4, 5, 6A,6B, 6C, 6D, 76/1A,1B, 1C, 2, 3, 5B, 77/2A, 2B, 80/3E1, 3E2, 81/5B, 82/1 & 82/2 of Jalladianpettai Village,Perumbakkam- Jallandian pettai Joint Road, chennai Withdrawn
5 EC/S1/8317/2017 12-06-2017 PARVATHY ORTHO HOSPITAL PVT LTD Door No.244, GST Road, Chrompet, Chennai-44. comprised in T.S.No.15/1(Old S.No.485/19A3, 486/6A1) Block No .36, Ward No.E, Zamin Pallavaram Village, Pallavaram Municipality. Withdrawn
6 EC/S1/8854/2017 20-06-2017 Prabhavathy.C and Chakaravarthy Old S.No.1607pt, and 1605/4pt, (As per Doc) T.S.No.1595/136(as per patta) Mylapore village, Plot No.136 Old Door No.1, New Door No.1, 2nd Link Road, and 4th Cross Street CIT Colony, Mylapore Village, Chennai-4. Withdrawn