List of Completion Certificate Applications submitted in CMDA prior to 22.06.2017 for Chennai Metropolitan Area & Status of the Applications filed under Rule 2(h)(ii) of Tamil Nadu Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Rules, 2017

1 EC/N1/120/2017 02-01-2017 Emmar MGF Land Limited R.S.No.3936/1, 3938/1,3 3940/1, Block No.73 of Tondiarpet Village. CC/213/2017 CC Issued
2 EC/S1/819/2017 18-01-2017 Anna University Proposed Regularisation of Ground floor + 3 Floors Residential quarters (14Blocks) in addition to the existing blocks for Anna University at T.S.No.2, Block No.8, T.S.No.1, Block No.9, T.S.No.2, Block No.10, in Old S.No.8/2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 9/9A, 9B, 10/2A, 2B, Block NO.8 of Kottur Village.
3 EC/S1/1833/2017 09-02-2017 Menon.R S.Nos.386/8, 393/2C,3,4, 394/1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1F1,2A, 2B1, 2B2, 2C, 2D1, 2D2, 2E1, 2E2, 2E3, 395/1A, 2A, 3B1, 3B2, 4, 5A, 5B, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10A, 10B, 11,396/6A,6B, and 7, 397/2 of Okkiamthooraipakkam Village to the already approved proposal of Group development of 13 Blocks of Stilt + 4 Floors Residential Building with 620 Dwelling Units together with a club house Block with G + IFl (for Non FSI use) at a site comprised in S.No.384/6B, 10A, to 10I, 11,12,13B, 1B, 396/4B, 5C, 5D, 397/1A,1B, 398/1,2,3, 399/1A,1B, 2A, 2B, 3, 400/1,2A, 2B, 2C, 418/1A,1B, 2A, 2B1, 2B2 of Okkiamthooraipakkam Village Chennai Corporation Limit.
4 EC/S2/2145/2017 16-02-2017 RRD Corporation P.Ltd., Plot No.A17, A18, Thiru-Vi-Ka Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai-32. in Old S.No.64pt,65pt, 67pt, 68/1pt, 68/2pt, T.S.No.46/2, 50/4, 55/2, 56/2, 57/2 Block NO.6 of Alandur Village. CC/357/2018 CC Issued
5 EC/S2/2148/2017 16-02-2017 Purvankara Propertities Ltd., S.No.1/1B1,1B2,2,2/1,,2,3,4,5,3/1,2A,2B1, 2B2, 2C, 4/1A, 1B, 1C, 2A1, 2A2, 2B1, 2B2, 3A, 3B,3C,3D, 3E, 3F, 4, 6/1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 2C, 3A, 3B 7/1,2 8/1A, 1B, 2A1, 2A2, 2B1, 2B2, 3,4,5, 9/1A,1B,1C, 1D1 1D2, 1E, 2A, 2B, 10/1, 2, 11/1, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 4C, 12/1, 2, 3, 13/1A, 1B, 2, 3, 4A1, 4A2, 4B, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18/1A, 1B, 2, 19/1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B, 3A1, 29/2A1, 2A2, 2B1, 2B2, 30/1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 31/1,2B2, 87/1B2, 1B3A, 89/1A,1B, 2, 90/1,2,3,4,5,6A, 6B2, 92/1A, 1B2, 93/1,2,3A,3B,4,94/1,101/1,2A, 2B,(as per FMB 101/3) 102/2,3, 4A1, 4A2, 4B, 5A, 5B 103/1,2 104/1,2, 106/1A, 1B1, 1B2, 2A, 2B, 108/2, of Medavakkam Village and 294/1,2,3,295/1A,1B,2, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B1, 4B2B( as per FMB 295/4B2), 5A1, 5A2, 6A, 6B 296, 297, 298/2A,2B, 301/1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, of Pallikaranai Village. CC/220/2017 CC Issued
6 EC/N2/2150/2017 15-02-2017 TNHB J.J.Nagar Division S.No.326/3Apt of Nolambur Village, Chennai Bye pass Road, Chennai. CC/230/2017 CC Issued
7 EC/S1/2253/2017 17-02-2017 TNHB, Besant Nagar Division 4th Avenue, and 26th Cross Street, Indira Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur in S.No.54/1pt, 2pt, 3pt, 55/2pt, 3pt, 7pt, T.S.No.10, Block No.16 of Thiruvanmiyur Village.
8 EC/N2/2834/2017 21-02-2017 TNHB Old S.No.293, T.S.No.7, Block No.72, Ward No.B of Ambattur Village, Chennai. CC/308/2017 CC Issued
9 EC/S1/3197/2017 07-03-2017 TNHB S.No.334Part, 343Part, 344Part & 345Part etc of Sholinganallur Village
10 EC/S1/3198/2017 07-03-2017 TNHB Old Pandicheri Road, Sholinganallur, Chennai in S.No.408/4, 10APt, 411/1A, 1B1, 5 & 414/1A & 1B of Sholinganallur Village
11 EC/N1/3411/2017 13-03-2017 Raja.A.V. & Others. PP Regularisation of existing GF part + Stilt Floor +2Floors +3rd floor part shop cum Office Building at Plot.No.3196, D.No.7, A-Block, Second Avenue, 4th Street, Anna Nagar, Periyakudal Chennai-40 in Old.S.No.43/1pt, T.S.No.5/38, Block.No.14 of Periyakudal Village. CC/215/2017 CC Issued
12 EC/S1/3833/2017 16-03-2017 Sridhar.K. Door No.18/1, East Coast Road, T.S.No.126, 127, 24, Block No.42, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai. Rejected
13 EC/S2/4069/2017 24-03-2017 Faizur Rehman(POA) Plot Nos.I and II Madras Telephones Nagar lies in PPD/LO No.10/90 Comprised in Old S.No.146/3A(as per Doc) S.No.146/3A2, 3A3(as per Patta) of Perungudi Village, Extended city Limit.
14 EC/N2/4282/2017 28-03-2017 Alliance Projects S.Nos.514/1B(as per Doc 514/1) 514/A2, 514/1C (as per Doc 514/1A) 537/A, 538/1,2,545,546,589,590,591,592/1,592/2A&2B,(as per Doc592/2) 592/3A&3B(as per Doc 592/3) 594/2,561/2 (as per Doc.561Pt) 536/B, 539, 540, 541, 542 of Vetrinagar, Canal Road of Korattur Village. CC/321/2017 CC Issued
15 EC/N2/4285/2017 28-03-2017 Dr.M.Palaniswamy & Others. Plot No. S.R.R.Nagar Nolambur in S.No.31/3B2 of Nolambur Village, Chennai Bye Pass Road, Chennai. CC/214/2017 CC Issued
16 EC/N2/4286/2017 28-03-2017 Shanthilal Jain.C Old S.No.88/5, 89/1pt, 89/2A, 89/2Bpt, 89/5, 89/1pt, 89/3, 89/4, 89/5, 89/6, T.S.No.7/1, 7/2, 7/3, 7/4, 7/5, 7/8, 7/17 and 7/18 Block NO.16, Ward No.H, of Paruthipattu Village, Chennai. CC/216/2017 CC Issued
17 EC/C2/4620/2017 04-04-2017 KGEYES Residency P.Ltd., Dr. Ambedkar Road, (Ashok Nagar 4th Avenue Road) Ashok Nagar, Chennai in Old S.No.27/4pt, T.S.No.72/3, Block No.17 of Kodambakkam Village. CC/316/2017 CC Issued
18 EC/S2/4621/2017 04-04-2017 Dual Structural & Industries P.Ltd., Indira Priya dharshini Nagar in Old S.nos.463/1,2, 464/1,2 as per patta S.No.463/1A1B, 464/15 of Perumbakkam CC/273/2017 CC Issued
19 EC/C2/7353/2016 5017/2017 11-04-2017 Ramesh & Others Old Door No.12,13, New door No.25,26, Doraisamy Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-17. bearing in T.S.No.7689/3,4, Block No.125 of T.Nagar Village. Rejected
20 EC/N1/4961/2017 11-04-2017 ESI Hospital S.No.145/1,T.S.No.22/208,Bk.No.33 of Ayanavaram Village
21 EC/N1/5504/2017 19-04-2017 Brahmanand.D. Plot No.2484, Old Door No.13, New Door No.16, AJ Block, 5th Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai in, Block NO.1C of Naduvakkarai Village. CC/204/2017 CC Issued
22 EC/N1/5503/2017 20-04-2017 Kumatha & Others. (PP Expiry Case) S.No.3115/4, Block No.53, Purasawalkam Village, Plot No.B, Old Door No.21, New Door No.36, Balfour Road, Kilpauk, Chennai-10. Returned
23 EC/C2/5747/2017 21-04-2017 Govel Trust (Arvind Eye Hospital) S.No.3/1 and 3/2 of Noombal Village, Poonamallee High Road, and Goparasanallur Road, Chennai. Thiruverkadu municipality. CC/222/2017 CC Issued
24 EC/C1/6088/2015 27-04-2017 Venkatachery.S. & Others Door no.Old.12, New No.11, Plot No.G7 & 48, Zackaria colony 3rd Street, Choolaimedu, Chennai-94. comprised in T.S.No.17/1, Block NO.29 of Puliyur Village. Rejected
25 EC/S2/15383/2016 27-04-2017 Bala Abirami Builders. Plot No. 3 & 4, Anand Nagar, (CMDA Approved layout PPD/L.No.63/1987 )S.No.104/2A(as per doc) are S.Nos. 104/206 & 104/207 (as per patta) of Okkiyamthoraipakkam Village. CC/190/2017 CC Issued
26 EC/C2/5811/2017 27-04-2017 Nagi Reddy.B Door No.13, Old Door No.5, Rajagopalan Street, West Mambalam, Chennai-33. comprised in T.S.No.8, Block No.2 of Mambalam Village. CC/190/2017 CC Issued
27 EC/S1/5897/2017 27-04-2017 Urban Tree S.No.260/4A, 4B1, 4B2, 262/1,2,264, 265/1B, 296/1,3,4,6,7,296/8A, 297, 298, 299/1,3,301/5 and 360 of Perumbakkam Village
28 EC/S2/5898/2017 27-04-2017 Classic Mall D.No.142, Old .S.No.26, 27/1,2, 28, 36, 37, 38, 39 Part , T.S.No.5/2,3, 6/2,3 of Velachery Village, Velachery Main Road, Guindy-Mambalam Taluk, Chennai CC/240/2017 CC Issued
29 EC/C2/9715/2015 27-04-2017 Sri Gayathri Medical Mission & research Foundation O.S.No.163/1,New S.No.163/1G of Koladi Village, Thiruverkadu Municipality CC/278/2017 CC Issued
30 EC/S2/4659/2017 05-04-2017 Gopalan.K.S. Door No.189, OMR(Rajiv Gandhi Salai) in S.No.494/1A2(as per doc) S.No.494/1A2A(as per patta) of Sholinganallur Village, Chennai. CC/171/2018 CC Issued
31 EC/S1/6032/2017 03-05-2017 Mantri Hamlet P.Ltd. T.S.No.31/2, 31/5, 31/8, 31/9, 31/10, 31/12, 32/2, 32/3, 32/4 and 32/5, Block.No.49, Ward -D of Pallavaram Municipality Old.S.No.258/2A, 3, 4A, 5A,284/2, 5,8,9,10,12 of Zamin Pallavaram Village, 200 ft MMRD Radial Road, Chennai. CC/258/2018 CC Issued
32 EC/S2/6405/2017 10-05-2017 Malles Constructions P.Ltd., Abutting Perumbakkam Nookampalayam Road, Comprised in S.Nos.133/2, 139/2, 140/1,2,3,4, 141/1,2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 142/1, 143/1, 2A1, 2A2, 2B1, 2B2, 147/3, 148/1B, 2, 3, 150/1B, 2A, 2B2, 3, 151/4B and 239/2A1, 2A2, 3A, 3B, 5, of Perumbakkam Village. CC/208/2017 CC Issued
33 EC/S2/6407/2017 10-05-2017 Gurudev Foundations P.Ltd., S.No.107pt and Plot No.II,III and IV in the approved Layout No.29/2000 comprised in S.Nos.107/1,2,3,4 S.No.109/1A3 and 1A4(as per patta) of Perumbakkam Village. Sholinganallur Taluk. CC/198/2017 CC Issued
34 EC/S1/6465/2017 11-05-2017 Krishna Reddy.E (POA) Door No.275, RV Mutt Road, Comprised in R.S.No.3329/2pt(as per Doc) R.S.No.3329/2 as per patta Block No.66 of Mylapore Village. Chennai-4. CC/194/2017 CC Issued
35 EC/S1/6805/2017 16-05-2017 SSM Builders & Promoter S.No.310/1,2, 311/1,2, 3, 312/2A, 2B2b, 3, 313/1,2,3A1, 3A2, 3B, 5, 443/2, 3A, 3B, 444/1,2, 446/1,2,3 462/1A, 462/1B, 463/1A, 1B1, 463/2A1, 2A2A, 2A2B, & 2B1, 464/1A1, 1A2, 1B1, 464/1B2, 1C 1D, 1E, 2A1, 2A2, 2B, 465/1A, 465/2A2, 2B, 2B, 465/1A, 465/2A2, B, 3C1, 3C2, 4C, 466/3B,4,5, 467/2A, 2B, 468, 469/1, 3, 470/1A, 1B, 2, 3, 471/1,2,3, 4B2, 5B, 6, 472/1, 2, 473, 474/1A,1B, 474/2, 475/1B,2, 476/1,2, 477/1, 478/1B,2, 479/1, 2A,2B1, 2B2, 3A1, 3A2, 3B, 3C, 4, 480, 481/2,3A, 3B, 3C1, 493, 503/1B2, 506/1A, 508/2,3, 509/4,5,6,7,8,511/1A1, 1B1, 2, 512/1,2A, 513/1A, 1B,2, 3A,3B, 514/1A, 1B, 2, 4A, 4B, 515/1, 515/2A, 2B1, 2B2, 516/3,4, 517/1,2, of Nedugundarm Village Abutting Puthur Alapakkam Road, Perungalathur Chennai-63.(Within the Kattankolathur P.U.Limit) CC/206/2017 CC Issued
36 EC/S1/6804/2017 16-05-2017 Arumugam.V.V. Enterprises P.Ltd., S.No.489/4B T.S.No.30/1, Ward E, Block No.36, Zamin Pallavaram Village. (Madurkakilian Chavadi Zamin Pallavaram at Door No.326, GST Road, Chrompet, Chennai-44. CC/199/2017 CC Issued
37 EC/S2/6896/2017 18-05-2017 Peter.S.K. S.Nos.64/1B1, 1B2, 3, 64/4, 5, 6, 672/2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 669/1A, 1B, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6A, 6B, 7 of Pallinkaranai Village, MMRD Road, Chennai. CC/138/2018 CC Issued
38 EC/N2/7133/2017 22-05-2017 Chittibabu.C(POA) S.No.1414/3, 1414/5A T.S.No.72/2, 72/3, Block NO.46 Ward No.D, Of Madhavaram Village. Inner Ring road Chennai. CC/237/2017 CC Issued
39 EC/S1/7134/2017 22-05-2017 Adinath & Associates R.S.No.3682/28, Block NO.73, Mylapore Village, Old Door No.15, New No.41, T.T.K.Road, First Cross Street, Alwarpet, Chennai-18. CC/212/2017 CC Issued
40 EC/S1/7135/2017 22-05-2017 DRBCC Charities Plot No.9, Club House Road, Comprising in R.S.No.318/4, Block No.9 of Triplicane Village, Mylapore- Triplicane Taluk, Chennai. CC/228/2017 CC Issued
41 EC/C2/7136/2017 22-05-2017 Manickam.V. S.No.183/2B, 3, 4, 5, 6B and 183/7B of Chembarambakkam Village. Poonamallee Taluk, Thiruvallur District, Chennai. CC/229/2017 CC Issued
42 EC/C1/10887/2015 7375/2017 26-05-2017 Rajkumar Balsingh.J New Door No.2,4 &7, Old Nos.5,6,7, Harrington Road, 7th Avenue, Chetpet, Chennai-31. in R.S.No.325/11 and 325/12 Block NO.19 of Egmore village. CC/285/2017 CC Issued
43 EC/S1/7446/2017 29-05-2017 BBCL Pillaiyar Koil Street, Okkiyamthooraipakkam , Chennai in S.No.374/7B, 375/1A1, 1A2, 1B1, 402/2A1, 2A2, 2B1B, 2B2A, 2B2B, 2B2C, 2B2D and 2B2E of Okkiyamthoraipakkam Village. CC/32/2018 CC Issued
44 EC/N1/7447/2017 30-05-2017 Vimal Lunawath R.S.No.142/1, 4, 144, 145, 146,/1, 2, 147, 148, 149, 150, 152/1, of Block No.7 R.S.No.225, 226/4,5 of Block -12, R.S.No.229/1, 231/2, 3 of block no.13 of Perambur Village. Door No.4,5,6 and 7, Stephenson Road, Chennai. CC/224/2017 CC Issued
45 EC/C1/7502/2017 30-05-2017 Sathaya Narayanna.T.V. Door No.184 to 188, 190, 192 & 196/1, N.S.K.Salai (Arcot Road) comprised in T.S.No.5/9, 5/12, 5/21, 5/25, 5/27, 5/28 & 5/47 (as per patta) in Block No.5, Saligramam Village. CC/202/2017 CC Issued
46 EC/S1/7531/2017 30-05-2017 Bala Abirami Builders. Old S.No.261pt(document) present S.No.261B/5,6,7,8 and 261 B/9(as per patta) Vandalur Village, GST Road, Vandalur, Chennai. CC/312/2017 CC Issued
47 EC/N1/7532/2017 30-05-2017 GKS Techonology Park P.Ltd., T.S.No.58/35, Block.No.13 of Ayanavaram Village, V.O.C. Colony Road,(New Colony) Anna Nagar, Chennai-600102 CC/210/2017 CC Issued
48 EC/C1/7608/2017 30-05-2017 Futra Constructions P.Ltd., S.No.351/1B2, 352/2A1B2, 355/1A1A1B, Maduravoyal Village, Astalakshmi Nagar, 2nd Main Road, Maduravoyal, Chennai CC/298/2018 CC Issued
49 EC/S1/7508/2017 30-05-2017 Sumanth & Co. (GPA) T.S.No.2/61, 168, 169, Old S.No.56/1,2pt) Block no.20 Urur Village. Block No. 120, 121, 122, 123 Old door No.8,9 New Door No.15, Karpagam Garden Street, and Door No.1, 9th Cross Street, Karpagam Garden, Adyar, Chennai-20. CC/191/2017 CC Issued
50 EC/N2/14813/2016 /7574/2017 31-05-2017 Lakshmi Premkumar Plot No.C98, Crescent Road, Thiruvengadu Nagar, Ambattur, Chennai-53. comprised in Old S.No.588/2Bpt, and 589/1pt, T.S.No.51, Block No.5, Ward NoB(old S.No.588/20 of Ambattur Village. CC/186/2017 CC Issued
51 EC/N1/7573/2017 31-05-2017 Pace Builders P.Ltd. TNHB Block NO.366 and 367, 11th Street Extn, Belly Area, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40. in Old S.No.207pt T.S.No.2/9, Block No.14 of Koyambedu Village and T.S.No.289/11, Block No.2 of Mullam Village. CC/211/2017 CC Issued
52 EC/N2/7533/2017 31-05-2017 Dugar Housing Ltd. S.No.779/2A 2B 2C 2D 2E & 2F of Korattur Village Ambattur - Puzhal Road Chennai.
53 EC/C1/7534/2017 31-05-2017 HITESH KAWAD (MD) SPR & RG CONSTRUCTION PVT. LTD., S.No.137/1, 138/1, 148/5A & 148/7A at Bye Pass Road, Karambakkam Village, Porur, Chennai CC/292/2018 CC Issued
54 EC/C2/7535/2017 31-05-2017 Dugar Housing Ltd. S.No.119 and 1171 Ayanambakkam Village, Rajankuppam hamlet, Vanagaram ICF Road, (Rajakuppam Road) CC/338/2018 CC Issued
55 EC/S2/7536/2017 31-05-2017 M.RAVI, M.KANNAN & ICMC CORPORATION LTD No.27, Elango Nagar, Kottivakkam(Opp) OMR Chennai - 41. S.No.12/5, 13/1A1A, 1A1B, 1A1D, 1A1E, 1A1F, 1A1G, 1A1H, 14/1A1, 1A2, 1A3, 1A4, 1A5, 1A6, 1A7, 1A8 of Rajakilpakkam Village, Velachery Main Road, Chennai.
56 EC/S2/7537/2017 31-05-2017 HARSHAD V.DOSHI AND MEHUL DOSHI Plot No.I,II,III,and IV in S.No.88/5,6,7,8 of Vengaivasal Village, Sholinganallur Taluk. CC/27/2018 CC Issued
57 EC/S2/7538/2017 31-05-2017 PRAVIN JAIN No.156, Poonamallee high Road, Kilpauk, Chennai- 600 010. S.No.166/1A, 1B, 2, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 5A & 5B & 15A1 of Karapakkam Village, Rajiv Gandhi salai(OMR) Chennai. CC Issued
58 EC/C1/7539/2017 31-05-2017 Amar Prakesh Developers P.Ltd., S.Nos.255/1A2, 1B, 2A2, 262/1A1B, 2B2, 3, 258/2, 259/2, 260, 261/1, 506, 507, 510, 511/1, 2A1, 2A2, 2B1, 2B2, 3A, 3B, 512/1,2,3 of Thirumudivakkam Village. CC/231/2018 CC Issued
59 EC/C1/7540/2017 31-05-2017 Amar Prakesh Developers P.Ltd., S.Nos.616/1, 707/1A,1B,3, 708/3, 709, 710/1, 721/1,2, 726/1,2, 727/1A,1B,2, 728/1,2,729/1,3,730,734 of Kundrathur Villlage, Chennai CC/230/2018 CC Issued
60 EC/C1/7541/2017 31-05-2017 Amar Prakesh Developers P.Ltd., S.Nos.616/1, 707/1A,1B,3, 708/3, 709, 710/1, 721/1,2, 726/1,2, 727/1A,1B,2, 728/1,2,729/1,3,730,734 of Kundrathur Villlage, Chennai CC/248/2018 CC Issued
61 EC/S2/7542/2017 31-05-2017 BBCL HOMES INDIA PVT LTD Cowl Bazaar Main Road, comprised in S.No.129/1 as perDoc and Patta of Cowl Bazaar Village. St.Thomas Mount P.U. Returned
62 EC/S1/7543/2017 31-05-2017 NARENDRA PROPERTIES LTD(GPA REP BY THIRU.CHIRAG MAHER No.2A, 3rd floor Willington Estate, No.53, Ethiraj Salai, Egmore, Chennai-8. Old Door No.7, New No.10, Woods Road, Royapettah, Chennai-14. in Old S.No.363 then R.S.No.372/1 present R.S.No.372/36 Block No.13 of Triplicane Village. CC/341/2018 CC Issued
63 EC/C1/7544/2017 31-05-2017 RAJKHAM BUILDERS(PVT)LTD Kundrathur Main Road, in S.No.177 of Gerugambakkam Village. CC/245/2018 CC Issued
64 EC/S2/7545/2017 31-05-2017 RAJKHAM INFRA(PVT )LTD REP BY ITS MD.ARUMUGAM Arivalayam Street, Madurapakkam, Chennai-127. in Old S.No.58/1A2C, 3, 61/1A3B2,1B1, 2, 3A1pt, 5(as per Doc) New S.No.58/5, 61/1A3B2A1, 1A3B2A1, 5A1, 5A2,5B (as per patta) of Madurapakkam Village Tambaram Taluk, Kanchipuram Dist, with St.Thomas Mount P.U.
65 EC/N2/7546/2017 31-05-2017 BBCL HOMES INDIA PVT LTD Old S.No.318/3Pt, New S.No.318/3A1B, 3A1C, 3A1D, 3A1E of Nolambur Village. CC/270/2018 CC Issued
66 EC/S2/7547/2017 31-05-2017 URBAN TREE INFRASTRUCTURES PVT LTD Sowmya Nagar 2nd Main Road, Sowmya Nagar 9th Street and Ram Garden 2nd Street, Perumbakkam, Chennai-100. in S.No.429/1D1,1D2,1E1, 1E2 of Perumbakkam Village within St.Thomas Mount Panchayat Union. CC/199/2018 CC Issued
67 EC/C2/7548/2017 31-05-2017 GOLDEN HOMES PVT. LTD., Door No.AC-63, 5th Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40 S.Nos.5/1B2, 84/2, 85, 86/1, 87, 88/1, 88/2, 89/1, 89/2A & 89/2B of Poonamallee Village, Poonamallee Bye Pass Road, Chennai CC/28/2018 CC Issued
68 EC/C2/7549/2017 31-05-2017 M.BALASUBRAMANIAN T.S.No.44 & 137, Block No.95, of Kodambakkam Village & T.S.No.19 Block No.47 of Saligramam Village. P.V.Rajamannar Salai & Kannikapuram 4th Street, Salligramam, Chennai-78. CC/51/2018 CC Issued
69 EC/C2/7550/2017 31-05-2017 K.G.Foundations P.Ltd., S.No.376/2 & 3 and 377/1 Palanjur Village Road of Palanjur Village CC/121/2018 CC Issued
70 EC/S1/7551/2017 31-05-2017 JBM SHELTERS PVT LTD Rep by Thiru. B.Nirmal Kumar, GPA Of M/S Ordani Health care Pvt Ltd No.59, IInd Floor, GST Road, Pallavaram, Chennai-44. S.No.236/1B1, 237/5A1, 237/1A, 237/2, 238/B4, 238/B5, 238/B6, 238/B3B of Vandalur Village, GST Road, Kattankulathur P.u., Chengalpet Taluk, Kancheepuram, Dist Chennai. CC Issued
71 EC/N1/7552/2017 31-05-2017 K.G.Foundations P.Ltd., S.No.4/1A1, 1A2, 2A, 5/1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B, 2C, 6/1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E1, 1E2, 1E3, 1E4, 1E5, 2, 7/1A2A, 1A2B, 1A2C1, 1A2C2, 2A2, 13/1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 2A1, 2A2, 2A3, 2A4, 2A5, 2A6, 14/1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 15/1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 73/1B and 73/1C of Adayalampattu Village, Villivakkam P.U.Chennai. CC/112/2018 3rd Partial CC Issued
72 EC/S2/7553/2017 31-05-2017 AMBATTUR REALITY PRIVATE LIMITED(GPA) REP BY ITS DIRECTOR SUNIL U.LULLA S.No.36/15 of Perungudi Village CC/158/2018 CC Issued
73 EC/S2/7554/2017 31-05-2017 RADIANCE REALITY DEVELOPERS INDIA LTD GPA FOR M/SGREAVES COTTON LTD Khivraj Complex II, No.480, Anna Salai, Nandanam, Chennai-35. 200 feet Thoraipakkam-Pallavaram Road/MMRD Scheme Road, and OMR Road, Chennai in S.No.87/1B1A, 86/1B of Okkiyamthooraipakkam Village, Chennai. CC/170/2018 CC Issued
74 EC/N1/7555/2017 31-05-2017 J.RAJKUMAR BALSINGH Plot No.2465 and 2466, Door No.10,12 Old No.AI-70 and 69, AI Block 5th Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40. in T.S.No.169 and 170, Block No.1C of Naduvakkarai Village.
75 EC/N216482/2015 /7556/2017 31-05-2017 GOLDEN HOMES PVT LTD GPA OF TVL.N.L.RAMANATHAN AND 6 OTHERS TNHB Block No.65, Platinum Apartments, Ambattur Estate Road, Anna Nagar West Extn, Chennai-101. in Old, T.S.No.165/2, Block No.42, Ward No.I, Old S.No.280pt and 290pt of Padi Village. CC/253/2017 CC Issued
76 EC/C2/7557/2017 31-05-2017 JAMALS REP BY PARTNER & GPA HOLDER OF THIRU.SHAMIM CASIM Kanchi Nagar Road, Velapanchavadi,Comprised in New S.No.61/2 and 61/7A1A2 of Noombal Village. CC/377/2018 CC Issued
77 EC/S2/7558/2017 31-05-2017 ADROIT URBAN DEVELOPERS PVT LTD No.1, Beemanna Garden Street, Alwarpet, Chennai -18. S.No.439/4A1, 4A2, of Sholinganallur Village, at Rajiv Gandhi Salai and MGR Salai.
78 EC/S2/7559/2017 31-05-2017 NAHAR FOUNDATIONS PVT LTD GPA REP BY ITS MD.B.TOLA CHAND NAHAR(OWNER V.RAVEENDAR) Plot No.IX, Sannathi Street, Sadagopan Nagar, Jalladampet, Chennai, comprised in Old S.No.236/1-B-5-Bpt New S.No.236/2A(as per Doc) present S.No.236/126(as per patta) of Jalladampet Village, within Chennai Corporation. CC/142/2018 CC Issued
79 EC/S2/7560/2017 31-05-2017 VIRGO PROPERTIES(P)LTD Periyar Salai, Inderji Nagar , Kovilambakkam, Chennai - 117. S.No.1/1A,1B,1C,2A,2B,2/1A,1B,2,3,4A,4B,11/2A1,2A2,2B1,2B2,3A2,and 12/2A,2B,2C,2D and 12/3 of Kovilambakkam Village,. Within St.Thomas Mount P.U. CC/135/2018 CC Issued
80 EC/S1/7561/2017 31-05-2017 A.R.BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS PVT LTD REP BY ITS MD.TH.P.AMARNATH REDDY Plot No.7, Old Door No.7, New Door No.17, New Beach Road, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai-41. comprised in Old S.No.214/2, T.S.No.298, Block NO.66 of Thiruvanmiyur Village, within Greater Chennai Corporation Limit.
81 EC/S2/7562/2017 31-05-2017 KISHORE KUMAR GOKULDOSS(POA) MANAGING DIRECTOR KG FOUNDATION PVT LTD, Perumbakkam Nukkampalayam Road, comprised inS.No.142/2, 3A, 3b, 4, 143/4, 5, 6A, 6B, 234/2,4,5,235/1,2,5 and 239/4(as per patta)of Perumbakkam Village, St.Thomas Mount P.U. CC/200/2018 CC Issued
82 EC/S1/7563/2017 31-05-2017 K.G.Foundations P.Ltd., IT Highway Road, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Semmancheri, Chennai in S.No.133/1A1 of Semmancheri Village.
83 EC/C1/7564/2017 31-05-2017 CASA Grande Pvt.Ltd. Ramamurthy Avenue, 3rd Main Road, Kolapakkam, Chennai-116. comprised in S.No.22/2C1A, 22/2C2A, 22/2C2B of Kolapakkam Village. CC/255/2017 CC Issued
84 EC/N1/7565/2017 31-05-2017 D.DEENADAYALAN GPA OF MR.N. JAYARAMAN Plot no.452, Old Door no.71, New Door No.5, K Block, 14th Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai-102. in T.S.No.55/9, Block no.12 of Ayanavaram Village. CC/150/2018 CC Issued
85 EC/C1/7566/2017 31-05-2017 Amar Prakesh Developers P.Ltd., S.Nos.616/1, 707/1A,1B,3, 708/3, 709, 710/1, 721/1,2, 726/1,2, 727/1A,1B,2, 728/1,2,729/1,3,730,734 of Kundrathur Villlage, Chennai
86 EC/C1/7567/2017 31-05-2017 Amar Prakesh Developers P.Ltd., S.Nos.616/1, 707/1A,1B,3, 708/3, 709, 710/1, 721/1,2, 726/1,2, 727/1A,1B,2, 728/1,2,729/1,3,730,734 of Kundrathur Villlage, Chennai
87 EC/C1/7568/2017 31-05-2017 Amar Prakesh Developers P.Ltd., S.Nos.616/1, 707/1A,1B,3, 708/3, 709, 710/1, 721/1,2, 726/1,2, 727/1A,1B,2, 728/1,2,729/1,3,730,734 of Kundrathur Villlage, Chennai
88 EC/S1/7569/2017 31-05-2017 V.SRINIVASAN Door No.5, Jayaram Avenue, Old S.No.102/1pt, 2pt, T.S.No.8/10, 19. Block No.38 of Urur Village. CC/35/2018 CC Issued
89 EC/N2/7570/2017 31-05-2017 V.M.SHIVAKUMAR REP HIMSELF AND GPA OF TMT.SAROJAMANI AND MR.V.M.GANESH S.No.667pt, and 698/2A2, T.S.No.2/2, 2/3, 2/4 Block No.64, ward No.D of Thirumullaivoyal Village, Vaishnavi Nagar Main Road, Vaishnavi Nagar 2nd Street, Chennai CC/303/2017 CC Issued
90 EC/S1/7571/2017 31-05-2017 DEVI NARAYAN HOUSING AND PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT PVT LTD(POA) Plot No.528, New Door No.9, Old Door No.5, East Cirucular Road, and Ixth Trust Cross Street Mandavelipakkam, Comprised in Old S.No.4507, R.S.No.4483/33(as per patta) Block No.99 of Mylapore Village. Chennai. CC/306/2018 CC Issued
91 EC/S1/7572/2017 31-05-2017 DEVI NARAYAN HOUSING AND PROPERTY DEVELOPMENTS (P) LTD Plot No.72B, Old Door No.1, New Door No.14 4th Cross Street, and 5th Cross Street, Nandanam Extn, Chennai-35. Comprised in Old R.S.No.3886/2pt, New R.S.No.3886/15, Block NO.78 of Mylapore Village, with Chennai Corporation Limit. CC/221/2018 CC Issued
92 EC/N2/7646/2017 31-05-2017 RAJARATHNAM CONSTRUCTIONS(P)LTD REP BY ITS M.D.MR.A.RATHINAM Ganthi Main Road, Puzhal, Chennai in of Puzhal Village. CC/20/2018 CC Issued
93 EC/N1/7647/2017 31-05-2017 SPR CONSTRUCTION PVT LTD., No.57, Naryana Mudali Street, Sowcarpet, Chennai - 600 079 Old Door Nos.28,29 & 30, New Door No.69,71 & 73, E.V.K.Sampath Road, Vepery, Chennai - 600 007 comprised in R.S.Nos.643/10, & 644/4,5 & 7, Block No.14 of Vepery Village within Chennai Corporation Limit applied by M/S. SPR Construction Pvt Ltd. CC/160/2018 CC Issued
94 EC/S1/7648/2017 31-05-2017 BAASHYAM CONSTRUCTIONS PVT LTD Plot No.20 to 23 Door No.1, Bashyam Basheer Ahmed Street, Seshadri Road, & Ambujammal Road, Alwarpet, Chennai. Comprised in R.S.No.1550/35 to 40 & 1550/10, Block No.30 of Mylapore village with in the limits of Chennai Corporation. CC/220/2018 CC Issued
95 EC/S1/7649/2017 31-05-2017 SUMANTH & CO T.S.No.77, Block.No.4, Venkatapuram Village, Plot.No.86, Old.D.No.21, New.D.No.11,North Mada Street, Srinagar Colony, Saidapet, Chennai-15. CC/195/2018 CC Issued
96 EC/S1/7650/2017 31-05-2017 SUMANTH AND Co Old Door No.16, New Door No.37, 16A, Plot No.A, Balaji Nagar Ist Street Old Door No.7A & 7B New Door No.10, Balaji Nagar 3rd Street,Royapettah, Chennai-14. in S.No.629/184 as per document, R.S.Nos.629/68pt, 629/180pt, 629/69, 629/179, Block NO.11 of Mylapore Village. CC/281/2018 CC Issued
97 EC/S1/7651/2017 31-05-2017 SUMANTH & CO Old S.No.1654/4 R.S.No.1654/14, 37, 38 BlockNO.34 Mylapore Village, Old Door No.125, New Door No.108, Luz Church Road, Mylapore, Chennai-4. CC/315/2018 CC Issued
98 EC/S2/7652/2017 31-05-2017 THE NATIONAL TRADING CO(MADRAS) Old S.No.17/1pt & 17/3pt T.S.No.25, Block NO.22 of Velachery village. CC/329/2018 CC Issued
99 EC/S2/7653/2017 31-05-2017 SARATH K.KUMAR AND OTHERS Old.S.No.602/5C, New.S.No.602/5C3 of Sholinganallur Village. CC/322/2017 CC Issued
100 EC/N1/7654/2017 31-05-2017 SIDDHARTH N. MAHER (GPA) Old No.25, New No.49, Barnabi Road, Ist floor, Kilpauk, Chennai-10. R.S.No.231/58, Block NO.15 of Egmore Village at Old Door No.745, New Door No.448, Periyar E.V.R. Salai, (Poonamallee High Road, Chennai.
101 EC/S1/7655/2017 31-05-2017 VIMAL LUNAWATH POA FOR BHAMA RAMACHANDRAN AND 4 OTHERS Plot No.189, Old Door No.40, 18 New door no.33 & 35, 4th Main Road, R.A.Puram, Chennai-28. in Old S.No.3951/19, 3945/5(doc) R.S.No.3945/5,22 & 3951/19, 24 Block NO.86 of Mylapore village. CC/81/2018 CC Issued
102 EC/C2/7656/2017 31-05-2017 S AND P FOUNDATION (P) LTD S.No.353/1,2,354/1,2 and 355/1 of Ayanambakkam Village, Chennai. CC/365/2018 CC Issued
103 EC/C2/7657/2017 31-05-2017 KRUTHIVAS (GPA)(OWNER DR.INDRANI RAJA Plot No.92, Old Door No.51, New NO.14, South Boag Road, Arcot Street, T.Nagar, Chennai-17. as per doc) Old S.Nos.122/2 & 124/2pt T.S.No.6467, Block No.140 of T.Nagar Village. CC/236/2017 CC Issued
104 EC/S1/7658/2017 31-05-2017 ARIHANT FOUNDATIONS & HOUSING LTD Door No.282/1A, Old Mahablaipuram, Road, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Kandan Chavadi, Chennai-96. bearing in S.No.282/1A1, 1A3, 1B1A,& 282 of Kottivakkam Village CC/94/2018 CC Issued
105 EC/S1/7659/2017 31-05-2017 K.NATARAJAN & 2 Others Plot No.10, Door No.7/68, Luz Avenue 5th Street, Mylapore, Chennai-4. comprised in R.S.No.3575/6, Block NO.71 of Mylapore Village,within Greater Chennai Coporation Limit. CC/125/2018 CC Issued
106 EC/S2/7660/2017 31-05-2017 V.V. MINERALS New Vinayagar Street, (50”0 Road) W.S.N.Garden Voltas Colony Extn, Nanganallur, Chennai-61 in S.No.57/1pt, 58/3Bpt, 59/1 & 2, Old T.S.No.85/1, New T.S.No.85/2, Block No.16 of Thalakananchery Village with in the limits, Chennai Corporation CC/188/2018 CC Issued
107 EC/S2/7661/2017 31-05-2017 KRITHIKA BUILDERS PVT LTD T.S.No.277/8B8, 8C3, 8B9, 8C2(as per patta) Okkiyamthooraipakkam Village, Sowdeeswari Nagar Ist Main Road, and4th Street, Chennai. CC/260/2017 CC Issued
108 EC/N1/7662/2017 31-05-2017 VIMAL LUNAWATH GPA OF M/S P.V.P. VENTURES LTD Old No.25, New No.3, 3rd Street, Ganapathy Colony, 3rd Street, Teynampet, Chennai-600018. R.S.No.142/1, 4, 144, 145, 146,/1, 2, 147, 148, 149, 150, 152/1, of Block No.7 R.S.No.225, 226/4,5 of Block -12, R.S.No.229/1, 231/2, 3 of block no.13 of Perambur Village. Door No.4,5,6 and 7, Stephenson Road, Chennai. CC/167/2018 6th Partial CC Issued
109 EC/C2/7663/2017 31-05-2017 K.SRINIVASA RAO GPA M/SSRICHAKRA BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS (POA OF SURYA BHARATHI AND OTHERS TNHB Block No.60,61, RK.Shanmugam Salai, K.K.Nagar, Chennai-78. comprised in Old S.No.394/1pt, T.S.No.34 and 35, Block No.99 of Kodambakkam Village. CC/197/2018 CC Issued
110 EC/C1/7664/2017 31-05-2017 R.SRINIVASA RAO Plot No.55, Old Door No.3, New door No.5, Vidwan Sundaram Street, Nungambakkm, Chennai- 34. Comprised in as per Doc R.S.No.196pt, & as per TSLR R.S.No.196/65 Block NO.23 of Nungambakkam Village with in the limits of Greater chennai Coporation. CC/70/2018 CC Issued
111 EC/C2/7665/2017 31-05-2017 K.SREENIVASA RAO (GPA)(OWNERS N.VIDYA AND 6 OTHERS TNHB Block NO.75(Flats A-F) P.T.Rajan Salai, K.K.Nagar, Chennai-78. in Old S.No.52/1Apt, T.S.No.240/8, Block No.95 of Kodambakkam Village. CC/37/2018 CC Issued
112 EC/C1/7666/2017 31-05-2017 PRINCE FOUNDATION S LTD REP BY ITS DIRECTOR THIRU RAJ KUMAR A. KAMDAR 61, Ormes Road, Kilpauk, Chennai-10. S.Nos. 135/3,4, 136/2B, 137, 139/2, 140/1,2A, 2B, 3, 141/1,2,3, 142, 143/1, 2. 148/2 & 149 of Ayyappanthangal Village, Mount Poonamallee Road, Chennai. CC/24/2018 CC Issued
113 EC/N2/7667/2017 31-05-2017 SILVER SKY BUILDER LLP GPA OF OF M/SSWAGAT ENTERPRISES Block B in S.No.461/5 of Puzhal Village, Ambattur Redhills Road, Chennai.
114 EC/S1/7668/2017 31-05-2017 VISHRANTHI HOMES PVT LTD(GPA) (OWNER SHAHA ALTAF AND 2 OTHERS) Old Door No.18/19, New Door No.32, Bawa Road, Mylapore, Chennai-4. in Old R.S.No.3647/1pt, New, 3647/40 Block No.72 of Mylapore Village within Chennai Corporation Limit. CC/161/2018 CC Issued
115 EC/C1/7669/2017 31-05-2017 SPR&RG Constructions P.Ltd., S.Nos.138/13,138/14,138/19 & 138/26 of Karambakkam Village Porur Devi Parasakthi Nagar CC/239/2018 CC Issued
116 EC/C1/7670/2017 31-05-2017 PRIYA CONSTRUCTION REP BY ITS PROPRIETOR TH.N.RAJENCRAN(GPA) S.No.266/1A1A1B of Maduravoyal Village, Alapakkam Main Road, Chennai. CC/90/2018 CC Issued
117 EC/S2/7671/2017 31-05-2017 R.BASKARAN (GPA) (OWNER DR.G.KUMARESAN) Plot No.4, Layout Road, Balaji Nagar Extn III Madipakkam, Chennai. Comprised in S.No.38/7A2 (as per Doc) S.No.38/7A2A2 (as per patta) of Puzhuthivakkam, is hamlet of Madipakkam Village, with in Chennai Corporation Limit. Rejected
118 EC/C1/7672/2017 31-05-2017 K.KAVITHA RANI(GPA) S.No.47/2, as per patta S.No.47/2A and 47/2B of Kolapakkam Village, Kundrathur Panchayat Union Chennai. CC/74/2018 CC Issued
119 EC/C2/7673/2017 31-05-2017 MUKTHA FOUNDATIONS PVT LTD REP BY ITS DIRECTOR THIRU.HITESH G SHAH S.No.739/1A,1B, 2B, 3B of Poonamallee Village, Trunk Road, Chennai.
120 EC/N1/7674/2017 31-05-2017 CASA Grande Pvt.Ltd. Door No.7, North Railway Terminas Road, Mannarsamy Koil Street, Royapuram, Chennai-13. in R.S.No.96/3, Block NO.5 of Tondiarpet Village. CC/50/2018 CC Issued
121 EC/N2/14754/2016 7675/2017 31-05-2017 CASA Grande Pvt.Ltd. Door No.3, South Mada Street, Padi, Chennai- 50. in Old S.No.358/2B, T.S.No.82, Block No.6, Ward No I of Padi Village. CC/49/2018 CC Issued
122 EC/N2/9480/2016 7676/2017 31-05-2017 PACE BUILDERS (M) PVT LTD REP BY ITS DIRECTOR MR.N.RAJASEKAR Old S.No.55/2pt, T.S.No.24/2, Block NO.18, T.S.No.40/5 and 40/9, Block NO.19, Ward no.I of Padi Village, Kavitha Street, U.R.Nagar, Anna Nagar West Extn, Chennai CC/263/2018 CC Issued
123 EC/S1/7677/2017 31-05-2017 KRISHNAN.G AND KAMALA VISWANATHAN Plot No.50, Old Door No.11, New Door No.10, Norton 2nd Street, Mandaveli, Chennai-600028 in R.S.No.4422(Pt) & 4423(Pt) and as per Patta R.S.No.4422/8 & 4423/2, Block No.97 of Mylapore Village. CC/296/2017 CC Issued
124 EC/S2/7678/2017 31-05-2017 A.SIVASUBBU Plot Nos.395 & 396, Sri Kamakoti Nagar 1st Main Road, Pallikaranai, Chennai-100. comprised in Old S.No.644pt, New S.No.644/12 & 644/20 of Pallikaranai Village, within Chennai Corporation Limit. CC/299/2017 CC Issued
125 EC/S2/7679/2017 31-05-2017 S.SRIDHAR & MEENAKSHI SUNDARA NACHIAR Plot No.409 & 410, Sri Kamakshi Nagar 9th Street, and 9th Street Extn, Pallikaranai, Chennai-100. comprised in Old S.No.644pt(as per Doc) New S.No.641/26,27, 644/15 and 645/21 (as per patta) of Pallikaranai Village, with Chennai Corporation Limit. CC/298/2017 CC Issued
126 EC/S2/7680/2017 31-05-2017 S.KANAGAM & THIRU.KANDASAMY Plot.No.407 and 408, Sri Kamakotti Nagar, Pallikaranai, Chennai-100. Comprised in S.No.644/13,14, 645/16 & 645/17 of Pallikaranai Village. CC/04/2018 CC Issued
127 EC/C2/7681/2017 31-05-2017 RAUNAQ FOUNDATIONS Manapakkam Main Road, Bearing in S.No.230/1B of Manapakkam Village.
128 EC/N1/7682/2017 31-05-2017 BBCL DEVELOPERS INDIA PVT LTD., No.20, Mylai Ranganathan Street, T.Nagar, Chennai - 600 017. R.S.No.3123/19, 3123/20, Block No.51 of Purasawakkam Village , Old D.No.850, New D.No.256, Poonamallee High Road,Kilpauk, Chennai- 600 010.
129 EC/S1/7683/2017
AKSHYA PVT LTD Gandhi Square No.46, OMR Kandhanchavadi, Chennai-96. Rajiv Gandhi Salai(OMR) in S.No.57/2C2,3A1,3A2, 3B1, 3B2, 3C,4B2, 67/1A1,2, 3, 69/2A2, 2A3 of Okkiyamthooraipakkam Village. Returned
130 EC/S2/7684/2017 31-05-2017 CASA Grande Pvt.Ltd. Old S.No.8pt, T.S.No.77/1, Ward No.A, Block No.3, Palavanthangal Village, Noble Street, Alandur, Chennai-16. CC/34/2018 CC Issued
131 EC/C2/7685/2017 31-05-2017 GREENPEACE CONSTRUCTION P LTD REP BY K.SRIHARSHA REDDY Door Nos.M37 to M43, P.T.Rajan Salai, S.V.Lingam Salai, K.K.Nagar, Chennai-58. in T.S.No.28/21 & 30/2, Block No.27, Kodambakkam Village, Chennai. CC/91/2018 CC Issued
132 EC/C1/7686/2017 31-05-2017 Akshaya Signature Homes P.Ltd.,No.46, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Kandan Chavadi, Chennai-96. S.No.541/1 and 556/2 in Block No.31 and 33 of Nungambakkam Village, Sterling Road, Chennai. CC/07/2018 CC Issued
133 EC/C1/7687/2017 31-05-2017 KOCHAR HOMES PVT LTD GPA OF MR.ARJUN AND MRS. NEETHU ARJUN S.No.392/7, 402, and 403 of Gerugambakkam Village, Tharapakkam Road, chennai. CC/218/2018 CC Issued
134 EC/S2/7688/2017 31-05-2017 DRA AADITHYA SOUTH CITY PROJECTS PVT LTD No.480, 1st Floor, Khivraj Complex II, Anna Salai, Nandanam, Chennai-35. T.S.No.1/17, Block NO.176, IRR and ICC Composite Corridor, Velachery Village, Chennai. CC/196/2018 CC Issued
135 EC/N2/7689/2017 31-05-2017 VGN DEVELOPERS PVT LTD O.S.No.209/2pt, 883, T.S.No.4, 35B Block No.46, 42 Ward No.D, of Thirumullaivoyal Village, Avadi Municipality. CC/311/2018 CC Issued
136 EC/C1/7690/2017 31-05-2017 BHARATH PROMOTERS No.30 Old No.25/1 Krishnappa Chetty Street Chindadripet Chennai - 02. S.No.355/1A,1B, 356/1A,1B,2A,2B1,2B2,357/1A2,412/1,2 of Kovur Village, gaining access through 12m wide road from Kundrathur Main Road, Chennai.
137 EC/S2/7691/2017 31-05-2017 GREATA ENTERPRISES AND DEVELOPERS PVT.LTD. No.53,Veerabadran Street, Nugambakkam, Chennai-34. S.No.27/2A, 27/4A, 27/5, 27/6, 27/7, 29/1G, 29/1H, and 29/6A of Madipakkam Village, IRR Southern segment, Chennai.
138 EC/S1/7692/2017 31-05-2017 KGEYES RESIDENCY PVT LTD GPA FOR V.VENKATASUBRAMANIAN AND 36 OTHERS Door No. H16- 1 to 12 Flats and H18- 1 to 12 Flats, Tiger Varadhachari Road, Kambar Street, Sevagam Street, kalakshetra Colony, Besant Nagar, Chennai-90. in Old S.No.167part, and 168pt, T.S.No.62 to 73 and 113 Blcok NO.55 of Thiruvanmiyur Village, within Greater Chennai Corporation. CC/77/2018 CC Issued
139 EC/S1/7693/2017 31-05-2017 KGEYES RESIDENCY PVT LTD (OWNERS M. SELVAGANAPATHY) Door No.1, 7th Avenue, Besant Nagar, Chennai-90. comprised in Old S.No.154/2Apt, New T.s.No.95, Block No.54 of Thiruvanmiyur Village, with Chennai Corporation Limit. Rejected
140 EC/S2/7694/2017 31-05-2017 VIJAY KUMAR LODHA & 2 OTHERS No.10 2nd Cross Street Raja Annamalaipuram Chennai -28. Velachery - Tambaram Road in S.No.321/3 4 5 6 322/2 325/1A of Pallikaranai Village
141 EC/N1/7695/2017 31-05-2017 INDIA BUILDERS(CHENNAI)LTD REP BY ITS M.D.MR.J.UTTAMKUMAR GPA OF SUDHA SUNDARARAJAN Plot No.2445, Door No.68, AH Block, 5th Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40. in Old S.No.10/4pt, 24pt, 25pt, T.S.No.214, Block NO.1D of Naduvakkarai Village. CC/12/2018 CC Issued
142 EC/N1/7696/2017 31-05-2017 A.ABDUL RAHAMAN AND 7 OTHERS TNHB Block No.93, 4th Avenue, Shanthi Colony, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40. in T.S.No.38 and 41/1, Block NO.9A of Naduvakkarai Village. CC/11/2018 CC Issued
143 EC/N1/7697/2017 31-05-2017 INDIA BUILDERS(CHENNAI)LTD REP BY ITS M.D.M. J.UTTAMKUMAR GPA OF TMT UMA RAJKUMAR AND 3 OTHERS Plot No.860, J Block, 13th Main Road, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40. in T.S. No.141/2, Block NO.41 of Villivakkam Village. CC/123/2018 CC Issued
144 EC/N1/7698/2017 31-05-2017 INDIA BUILDERS (CHENNAI) LTD REP BY ITS M.D.MR.J.UTTAMKUMAR GPA OF TVL.A.S.SACHIDANANDAM AND 7 OTHERS TNHB Block No.189, New Door No.356, Nalantha Flats, Shanthi Colony, 4th Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40. in old S.No.227pt, T.S.No.126/2, Block No.21 of Koyambedu Village. CC/18/2018 CC Issued
145 EC/N1/7699/2017 31-05-2017 S.VIMALA AND 12 OTHERS TNHB Block No.191 and 192, Nalantha Flats 4th Avenue, Shanthi Colony, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40. in Old S.No.227/4pt T.S.No.126/4, Block NO.21 of Koyambedu Village. CC/10/2018 CC Issued
146 EC/N1/7700/2017 31-05-2017 S.R.SURYANARAYAN AND 7 OTHERS TNHB Block No.79, Door No.123 to 128, AE Block, 4th Avenue Shanthi Colony Anna Nagar, T.S.No.197/1 and 198/2, Block No.9A of Naduvakkarai Village. CC/252/2017 CC Issued
147 EC/S1/7701/2017 31-05-2017 CHENNARAM SENI Plot No.8, in the approved sub division bearing PPD/LO.No.87/2006 for the S.No.168/3pt, 168/4pt, 169/1pt,2A,2B,2Cpt, 170/1,2A,2B, 172/20pt, 21pt, 28pt, 29pt, 42pt, 43pt, 44pt, 172/48pt, 49pt 50pt 51 and 52pt of Pammal Village.
148 EC/C2/7702/2017 31-05-2017 KCEE PROPERTIES PVT LTD (GPA) REP BY L.CHANDRASEKARAN(OWNER TMT. JANAKI SREENIVASAN & 10 OTHERS Door No.3A, 3b/18, Vasan Street & Car Track Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-17. in T.S.No.7201, Block No.119 Of T.Nagar, Village. CC/320/2017 CC Issued
149 EC/C2/7703/2017 31-05-2017 KCEE PROPERTIES PVT LTD (GPA) REP BY L.CHANDRASEKARAN GPA (OWNER COUMARESANE NADARAJAN ALIAS KUMERESAN & 5 OTHERS) Door no.47/252 C, 18th avenue, & P.T.Rajan road, Ashok Nagar, Chennai-83. in old S.No.78pt, 79pt, T.S.No.2/3, Block No.25 of Kodambakkam Village. CC/302/2017 CC Issued
150 EC/C1/7704/2017 31-05-2017 JAYASWATHY CONSTRUCTIONS PVT LTD REP BY ITS DIRECTOR MRS.J.MUTHULAKSHMI GPA OF MR.G.VIJAY BALAJI S.No.16/3C1A, 16/3C2 and 22/2A3B of Nerkundram Village Poonamallee High Road, Chennai. CC/279/2017 CC Issued
151 EC/S1/7705/2017 31-05-2017 OLYMPIA TECH PARK (CHENNAI) PVT LTD., (GPA HOLDER FOR TMT.LALITHA RAMANUJAM, TMT.JAYANTHI GOPITATH & NIVEDITA GOPINATH) No.1, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai-32 D.No.128A/11, L.B.Road, S.No.41/4A2, 41/4B , T.S.No.130, Block No.14 of Thiruvanmiyur Village, L.B.Road, Velachery Taluk, Chennai CC/177/2018 CC Issued
152 Ec/C1/7706/2017 31-05-2017 AARNAD COMMERCIAL COMPANY PVT LTD Old Door No.10, New Door No.12, 14th Avenue, Harrington Road, MC.Nichols Road, 3rd Lane, Chetpet, Chennai-31. in Old S.No.609, R.S.No.359pt as per document R.S.No.359/42, Block No.21 of Egmore village CC/254/2017 CC Issued
153 EC/S1/7707/2017 31-05-2017 INDIA BUILDERS CHENNAI LTD .REP BY MD.J. UTTAMKUMAR Plot No.L-5, Door No.24, 22nd Cross Street, Indira Nagar, Adyar, Chennai-20. in S.No.46pt, T.S.No.41, Block NO.19 of Thiruvanmiyur Village. CC/245/2017 CC Issued
154 EC/S1/7708/2017 31-05-2017 N.SAIRAM(GPA) R.S.No.1454/36, Block No.29, Mylapore village, Old Door No.18, New no.20, Poes Road 2nd Street, Teynampet - 18. CC/221/2017 CC Issued
155 EC/N1/7709/2017 31-05-2017 INDIA BUILDERS(CHENNAI)LTD REP BY ITS MD.MR.J.UTTAMKUMAR GPA OF MR.R.SANKARANARAYANAN Plot No.4164, Old Door No.33, New Door No.11, V Block, 14th Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40. in Old R.S.No.75pt, and 97pt, T.S.No.401, Block NO.2 of mullam Village. CC/251/2017 CC Issued
156 EC/N1/7710/2017 31-05-2017 ANTHAYYA GALI REP HIMSELF AND GPA OF JOSHIKA SHALINI GALI AND 2 OTHERS Plot No.2003, I Block, 41st Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40. in Old S.No.127/1Apt, T.s.No.141, Block No.32 of Villivakkam Village. CC/249/2017 CC Issued
157 EC/N1/7711/2017 31-05-2017 K.M.BALASUBRAMANIAM Plot No.4270, Old Door NO.10, New Door No.62, V Block, 5th main Road, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40. in T.S.No.384, Block NO.2 of Mullam Village. CC/250/2017 CC Issued
158 EC/C2/7712/2017 31-05-2017 M.CHELLAPPA M.D.M/SVARNA HOMES Door No.11 & 25/11, B.N.Road, Ist Street & Giriappa Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-17. in T.S.Nos.4836/4, 4836/5 & 4836/6 Block NO.111 of T.Nagar Village. CC/152/2018 CC Issued
159 EC/C2/7713/2017 31-05-2017 N.SAIRAM (GPA) Door No.16/18, Corporation Colony Main Road, Rangarajapuram 2nd Street, Rangarajapuram, Kodambakkam, Chennai-24. in T.S.No.2/22, Block No.49 of Puliyur Village. CC/231/2017 CC Issued
160 EC/S1/7714/2017 31-05-2017 OLYMPIA TECH PARK(CHENNAI) PVT LTD FORMERLY M/S.TAMILNADU PETRO PRODUCTS LTD No.1, Sidco Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai-32. Door No.3, Cenatoph Road R.S.No.3843/2, 3844/2, 3844/10,15,3845/1,2, 3846/1 ward No.N122, Block No.76 of Mylapore village, Teynampet, Chennai.
161 EC/S1/7715/2017 31-05-2017 Olympia Tech S.No.32/1,2,3,33/2a,2b,2c,36/1,2,3,4,5,6,37/1,2,3,4,5,,5,38/1pt.,2a,2c39/4b1pt.,4b2,4b3,4b4, New Ts.No.2,4/1,4/2,5/1,2,6/1a,1b,1c,1d,8/1,22/1,23/1 and 24/1 in Block No.15, Ward No.'A',Door nO.328, GST Road, Issa Pallavaram Village. CC/301/2017 Final CC Issued
162 EC/C1/7932/2017 31-05-2017 AMAR PRAKASH DEVELOPERS PVT LTD REP BY MD.THIRU.AADARSH KUMAR SURANA No.412/7, GST Road, Chrompet, Chennai-44. 40005001, 228/2, 229/3 ,230, 231/1,2 232/1B, 2, 233/1B, 2B, 241, 242/1A, 243/1,2A, 2B 244, 248/2A2, 2A3A of Thirumudivakkam Village, Kundrathur Panchayat union, Sriperumbudur Taluk, Kancheepuram District, Chennai
163 EC/C1/7933/2017 31-05-2017 AMAR PRAKASH DEVELOPERS PVT LTD REP BY MD.THIRU.AADARSH KUMAR SURANA No.412/7, GST Road, Chrompet, Chennai-44. 40005001, 228/2, 229/3 ,230, 231/1,2 232/1B, 2, 233/1B, 2B, 241, 242/1A, 243/1,2A, 2B 244, 248/2A2, 2A3A of Thirumudivakkam Village, Kundrathur Panchayat union, Sriperumbudur Taluk, Kancheepuram District, Chennai
164 EC/C1/7934/2017 31-05-2017 AMAR PRAKASH DEVELOPERS PVT LTD REP BY MD.THIRU.AADARSH KUMAR SURANA No.412/7, GST Road, Chrompet, Chennai-44. 40005001, 228/2, 229/3 ,230, 231/1,2 232/1B, 2, 233/1B, 2B, 241, 242/1A, 243/1,2A, 2B 244, 248/2A2, 2A3A of Thirumudivakkam Village, Kundrathur Panchayat union, Sriperumbudur Taluk, Kancheepuram District, Chennai
165 EC/S1/7935/2017 31-05-2017 SUMANTH & CO GPA FOR GAYATHRI MANI plot No.2A, Old Door No.69, New door No.33, 4th Street, Abiramapuram, Chennai-18. comprised in Old S.No.3667pt(Doc) R.S.No.3667/2 (TSLR) Block No.72 of Mylapore Village,with in Greater Chennai Coroporation Limit
166 EC/N2/18568/2015 7936/2017 31-05-2017 S & S FOUNDATIONS PVT LTD REP BY ITS M.D. MR.S.SATHYANARAYANAN GPA OF SHREE MANGALAM BUILDERS AND REAL ESTATES LTD Old per Doc 1117pt 1120pt, 1121/1A, 1121/1B 1121/2A, 1121/2B, 1122/1B, and 1135, Old per patta 1117pt, 1118pt, 1120pt, 1121pt, 1122pt and 1135pt, T.S.No.137, 145/1, 145/2, 146/2 Block No.70, Ward No.E of Korattur Village. Railway Station Road, Chennai. CC/305/2017 CC Issued
167 EC/S2/7937/2017 31-05-2017 K.VELUCHAMY(POA LANDOWNER CHINNAMMAL & OTHERS Block No.8 & 9, at Door No.54, Old Door No.133, abutting Madambakkam Main Road, Madambakkam, Chennai-126.S.No.78, 79/1, 81/1A,3, 4 and 82/1 & 2A of Madambakkam Village With Madambakkam Town Panchayat Limit. CC/268/2018 CC Issued
168 EC/S2/7938/2017 31-05-2017 K.VELUCHAMY(POA LANDOWNER CHINNAMMAL & OTHERS Block No.8 & 9, at Door No.54, Old Door No.133, abutting Madambakkam Main Road, Madambakkam, Chennai-126.S.No.78, 79/1, 81/1A,3, 4 and 82/1 & 2A of Madambakkam Village With Madambakkam Town Panchayat Limit. CC/268/2018 CC Issued
169 EC/S2/7939/2017 31-05-2017 N.SAIRAM (POA) Plot No.B-85, Door No.8, Hindu Colony, 11th Cross Street, Nanganallur, Chennai-600061. bearing in Old S.No.30/1A1Apt, T.S.No.29, Block No.6 ward No.D.Thalakanancheri Village, Greater Chennai Corporation. CC/233/2017 CC Issued
170 EC/N1/7940/2017 31-05-2017 PAVAN VOORA GPA OF OSWAL WOOLLEN MILLS LIMITED Old Door No.106,107 New Door No.210 & 212, Cochrone `Basin Road, Korukkupet, Chennai-24. in R.S.No.1841/3, Block No.31 of Tondiarpet Village. CC/168/2018 5th Partial CC Issued
171 EC/C2/7941/2017 31-05-2017 PAVAN VOORA(GPA) Old Door No.12, New door no.31, Hindi Prachar Sabha Street, T.Nagar, Chennai-17. in T.S.No.6731/1, BlockNo.143 of T.Nagar Village.
172 EC/C2/7942/2017 31-05-2017 PAVAN VOORA(GPA) Plot No.4, Old DoorNo.6, New Door No.13, Vijayaraghava Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-17. in T.S.No.8540, Old T.S.No.4847/1pt, Block NO.112 of T.Nagar Village with in greater Chennai Corporation. CC/203/2018 CC Issued
173 EC/C2/7943/2017 31-05-2017 VGN DEVELOPERS PVT LTD REP HIMSELF AND GPA OF THIRU.V.RAMESH AND 10 OTHERS S.No.99, 101/1, 101/2, 102/2, 104/1, 104/2, 104/3, 105/1, 105/2, 107/1B and 107/1C of Thiruverkadu Village, Sivan Koil Road, Thiruverkadu, Chennai. CC/340/2018 CC Issued
174 EC/S2/7944/2017 31-05-2017 Alwarpet Properties P.No.28(SP), Guindy Industrial Estate,Guindy,Chennai - 32 RS.No.11,TSNo.11pt.,22pt.,23pt.,24pt., & 25pt.,,Block No.5,Hamlet of Adyar Village,Mamblem Guindy Taluk. CC/244/2018 CC Issued
175 EC/S2/7945/2017 31-05-2017 Khivraj TechPark Plot No.1(SP),Guindy Industrial Estate,Jawharlal Nehru Road,O.S.Nos.41pt.,42-44pt,45pt.,46pt.,47pt.,48pt.,49pt.,50pt.,51-56pt.,7pt.,8pt & 9pt., T.S.Nos.18/2,119,42/2,43/2,44/2,46,47/2,48/2,50/2,51/2,52/4,53/3,54/3,55/3,56/2,7/2,8/2,9/2 Block No.5 of Alandur Village,Hamlet of adyar Village. CC/175/2018 CC Issued
176 EC/N1/7946/2017 31-05-2017 P.R.SATHAPPAN AND 3 OTHERS TNHB Block No.23, Door No.AA139, AA-140, AA-141, AA-142, 4th Avenue, Shanthi Colony, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40. in T.S.No.1/24, Block NO.14 of Periyakudal Village. CC/201/2018 CC Issued
177 EC/C1/7947/2017 31-05-2017 GREEN VALLEYS SHELTERS (P) LTD REP BY THIRU. T.PRABHAKAR Door No.100A, Radha Avenue, 6th street, &7th Street, Sri Lakshmi Ngar, Valasaravakkam Village Chennai-87. in S.No.14/3A2 & 21/2 of Valasaravakkm Village.
178 EC/S2/7948/2017 31-05-2017 PRAFULKUMAR NAHATA(G.P.A) S.Nos.522, 525 and 526 of Perumbakkam Village CC/307/2017 1st Partial CC Issued
179 EC/S1/7949/2017 31-05-2017 C.R.CHANDRA SEKARAN GPA FOR 1.MYTHILI SARANGAN 2. PRIYA SUBHASH PlotNo.RA170, Old Door No.13, New Door No.27/1,2 3rd Main Road, & 2nd Cross Street, R.A.Puram, Chennai-28. comprised in R.S.No.3952/8 & 3953/1, Block No.86 of Mylapore Village within Greater Chennai Corporation. CC/264/2017 CC Issued
180 EC/S2/7950/2017 31-05-2017 GREEN PEACE CONSTRUCTION PVT LTD Plot No.VIII, Telephone Nagar Main Road, Perungudi, Chennai-96. Comprised in S.No.149/2(as per Doc) S.No.149/2A1B (as per patta) Perungudi Village, Chennai. CC/243/2017 CC Issued
181 EC/C1/7859/2017 02-06-2017 Kodangyoth Mohammed Hajee ( Resubmission) Old Door No.74, New Door No.45, Valluvar Kottam High Road(Village Road) Nungambakkam, Chennai-34. in R.S.No.434/12, Block No.27 of Nungambakkam Village. CC/261/2017 CC Issued
182 EC/N2/7951/2017 02-06-2017 TNHB Plot No.PC3, S.No.49 pt., of Ayyapakkam Village, Abutting Thiruverkadu Road.
183 EC/N2/7952/2017 02-06-2017 TNHB S.No.492 to 494,496,497/1,2,498,499, 500/1pt.,500/2pt.,513/1pt.513/2pt.,520,521/2,522/1 to 522/7,523pt.,524pt., of Ambattur Village.
184 EC/C2/7953/2017 02-06-2017 TNHB S.No.134/1 of Ramapuram Village.
185 EC/C2/7954/2017 02-06-2017 TNHB No.24,T.S.No.16/3pt., Block No.38 of Puliyur Village.
186 EC/N1/7955/2017 02-06-2017 TNHB S.No.738pt.,739pt.,742pt., & 743pt., of Perambur Village.
187 EC/N2/7956/2017 02-06-2017 TNHB S.No.249/3A1B1pt., & 249/3A1A3Apt., T.S.No.1,2,3 & 4, Block No.6 of Villivakkam Village.
188 EC/N2/7957/2017 02-06-2017 THE EXECUTIVE ENGINEER ADO J.J. NAGAR DIVISION TNHB S.No.442pt of Mogapair Village, Mogapair Eri Scheme, Chennai-37. CC/147/2018 CC Issued
189 EC/N1/7958/2017 02-06-2017 TNHB S.No.3188/2, 14 and 15 of Barracca Road, Pursaiwalkkam Village.
190 EC/N2/7959/2017 02-06-2017 TNHB Plot No.PC3,S.No.49 pt., of Ayyapakkam Village.
191 EC/S1/7960/2017 02-06-2017 TNHB S.No.3171/8pt.Triplicane Village, Govt Estate Exg.MLA Hostel Building. Withdrawn
192 EC/C1/7961/2017 02-06-2017 TNHB S.No.28 pt.,,T.S.No.1/1pt., Block No.64 of Commercial Sit II at SAF Games Village, Koyambedu, Chennai - 600107.
193 EC/N2/7962/2017 02-06-2017 TNHB Plot No.807 A2 in S.No.1279pt.,1280pt.,1281pt.,1282pt.,1299pt.,1300/2Apt.,1300/2Bpt.,and 1301/5pt., of Korattur Village. CC/374/2018 CC Issued
194 EC/N2/7963/2017 02-06-2017 TNHB Plot No.1113 C,S.No.1040pt., of Korattur Village. CC/299/2018 CC Issued
195 EC/N2/7964/2017 02-06-2017 TNHB S.No.251/2 of Padi Village, Anna Nagar Western Extension.
196 EC/S1/7965/2017 02-06-2017 TNHB S.No.2pt. of Kalikundram Village.
197 EC/S1/7966/2017 02-06-2017 TNHB S.No.294,295,296,297pt.,300,301,302,308,309 & 310/1 of Sholinganallur Village. CC/30/2018 CC Issued
198 EC/S1/7967/2017 02-06-2017 The EXECUTIVE ENGINEER & ADMINSTRATIVE OFFICER, Besant Nagar Division, TNHB, Chennai-20 S.No.291/1CPart & 291/2 of Sholinganallur Village, K.K.Salai, Chennai.
199 EC/S2/7968/2017 02-06-2017 TNHB S.No.123pt., of Velachery Village.
200 EC/N1/7969/2017 02-06-2017 SOUTHERN INVESTMENTS PVT LTD REP BY ITS M.D. MR.AJITH THOMAS ABRAHAM GPA OF MRS.AROKIAMARIA TERASA PANNEER SELVI SELVAM AND 5 OTHERS Plot No.2, Old Door No.15, New door No.26, Ramanathan Street, kilpauk, in R.S.No.91/166, Block No.9 of Egmore village.
201 EC/C2/7970/2017 02-06-2017 HARMONY RESIDENCES PVT LTD Block No.D118, Sangeetha Colony, AzhagirIsamy Salai & 7th Sector, 33rd Street, K.K.Nagar, Chennai-78. in Old S.No.412pt, T.S.No.143, Block No.111 of Kodambakkam Village. CC/48/2018 CC Issued
202 EC/N1/7971/2017 02-06-2017 ANIL KUMAR REP FOR M/SRAJASHREE FOUNDATIONS LTD AND GPA FOR M/SR.K.B.ESTATES AND MR.NISHANK SAKARIYA AND M/SMEENA K.SAKARIYA No.4, Dr.Thirumurthi Nagar 5th Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai-34. S.No.1289/2, Block No.34 of Vepery Village New No.1, Demollerus Road, Pattalam, Chennai-12. CC/111/2018 CC Issued
203 EC/N1/7972/2017 02-06-2017 R.A.MADANAGOPAL 18/23, Chellammal Street, Shenoy Nagar, chennai-600 030. S.Nos. 98/1, 98/2, 99/1, and 99/2 of Adayalampattu Village, abutting Vanagaram -Ambattur Road, Vanagaram, Chennai-95. CC/319/2017 Partial CC Issued
204 EC/S1/7973/2017 02-06-2017 EMERALD HEAVEN DEVELOPMENT LIMITED REP BY S.C.JAGADISH. S.Nos.66/1B, 67, 73/2A2A, 2A2B, 2B2, 2C2, 75/7, 8, 84/1,2,6A & 6B of Kolapakkam Village abutting Perungalathur Kolapakkam Road, Kattankulathur Panchayath Union. CC/22/2018 CC Issued
205 EC/N2/7974/2017 02-06-2017 DEVAKUMAR CONSTRUCTION (P) OLTD REP BY ITS DIRECTOR MR.P.PYARELAL JAIN Plot No.A New Door No.57 and 58/1, Thattankulam Road, Madhavaram, Chennai-60. in R.S.No.863, 864, T.S.No.25/4, Block No.35, ward no.C, of Madhavarm Village. CC/145/2018 CC Issued
206 EC/S1/7975/2017 02-06-2017 LODD SUNDARA KRISHNA DOSS GYMNASIUM AND SPORTS SCHOOL TRUST REP BY ITS TRUSTEES V.GOVIND KRISHNA DOSS ,LODD RAMGOPAL AND V.SARANGARAJAN Door.No.80 and 81, General Patters Road (Woods Road), Chennai-2 in R.S.No.375/145 and 375/147 of Block.No.13 of Triplicane Village. CC/25/2018 CC Issued
207 EC/C2/7976/2017 02-06-2017 A.VENUGOPAL Orchird Street & Tulip Street, Mugalivakkam, in S.No.2/1 of Mugalivakkam Village. CC/40/2018 CC Issued
208 EC/C2/7977/2017 02-06-2017 RAMACHANDRAN & OTHERS Door No.12, Old No.23A, TNHB Block, No.23, P.T.Rajan Salai, K.K.Nagar, Chennai-78. bearing Old S.No.55/2Apt, 2Bpt, T.S.No.4/3, Block No.96 of Kodambakkam Village. CC/272/2017 CC Issued
209 EC/N2/7978/2017 02-06-2017 TNHB Tamil Nadu Rental Housings at T.S.No.5, Block No.52, Ward - I, Ambattur , Old S.No.172pt.,173pt.,174pt.,175pt.,and 194pt., of Padi Village Ambattur Estate Road.
210 EC/N1/7979/2017 02-06-2017 N.SAIRAM (GPA) Plot No.1795, Door No.13, I Block, 5th Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40. in Old S.No.141/1A1Apt, T.S.No.65, Block No.41 of Villivakkam Village.
211 EC/S1/7980/2017 02-06-2017 UMA RAMADURAI 2. HEMALATHA MURALIDHARAN THIAGARAJAN SRIRAM THIAGARAJAN(K.THIAGARAJAN GPA FOR SHANTHI RAJAN) Plot No.12,Old Door no.65 & 66, New door No.12 & 14, Besant Nagar 1st Main Road, Chennai-90. comprised in T.S.No.117/2, 118, 119, 120/1,3pt, 121, 122, 123/1,2New T.S.No.4/26(TSLR) Block NO.40 of Urur Village, with in Greater Chennai Corporation Limit. CC/33/2018 CC Issued
212 EC/C2/7981/2017 02-06-2017 THE EXECUTIVE ENGINEER TAMIL NADU HOUSING BOARD Wood working unit division K.K.Nagar Chennai-78. Old S.No.337pt, and 340pt, R.S.No.6, Block No.129 of Kodambakkam village, Chennai, Anna Salai, K.K.Nagar, Layout, Wood working unit site, Ashok Nagar, Chennai. CC/309/2017 1st Partial CC Issued
213 EC/N2/7982/2017 02-06-2017 VINOTH BUILDERS REP BY ITS MANAGING PARTNER MR.G.GAJENDRAN GPA OF ANISH JACOB AND THIRU.G.GAJENDRAN GPA OF ROHAN K.GEORGE Plot No.4A &4B, Annamalai Avenue, Nolambur, Chennai-37. in S.No.85/7 and 85/8 of Nolambur Village. CC/188/2017 CC Issued
214 EC/S1/7983/2017 02-06-2017 SUSEELA RANI & K.SAILENDRA KUMAR T.S.No.9/2,3 & 10,11,12 & 101, Block No.8 of Adyar Village at Old D.No.158, 159 & 160, New No.32, Anna Salai, Guindy, Chennai CC/124/2018 CC Issued
215 EC/N1/7984/2017 02-06-2017 SREE ROSH PROPERTIES(p) LTD REP BY ITS MANAGING DIRECTOR MR.P.SREEDHARAN GPA OF MRS. MANJULA SUNIL AND MRS. MRIDULA SUGATHAN Plot No.80, Old Door No.73, New Door No.58, New Avadi Road, Kilpauk, Alagappa Nagar, Chennai-10. in R.S.No.91/76, Block NO.9 of Egmore Village. CC/258/2017 CC Issued
216 EC/S2/7985/2017 02-06-2017 P.V.RAJU C/O. M/SGREEN VALLEYS SHELTERS PVT LTD No.119, St. Marys Road, Chennai-18. S.No.360/1 of Vengaivasal Village, Chennai.
217 EC/C1/7986/2017 02-06-2017 P.KRUTHIVAS(GPA) (OWNERS V.BALAKRISHNAN & VINAY BALAKRISHNAN New door No.17, Old Door No.8, Wheat crafts Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai-34. in R.S.Nos.532/15, Block No.29 of Nungambakkam, Chennai-34. in R.S.No.532/15, Block No.29 of Nungambakkam Village. Withdrawn
218 EC/N1/7987/2017 02-06-2017 P.KRITHIVAS(GPA OF TVL.S.VIJAY ANAND TIMOTHY AND 2 OTHERS Plot No.4529, Old Door No.200 New Door No.26, Y Block, 2nd Street, Anna Nagar. Chennai-40. in Old S.No.94pt, and 103pt T.S.No.813, Block No.2 Mullam Village with in the limits of Greater Chennai Corporation. CC/257/2017 CC Issued
219 EC/C2/7988/2017 02-06-2017 S.P.HOMES PVT LTD REP BY ITS MD.MR.K.DAMODARAN GPA OF S.UMAPATHI & GEETHA Rajan Kuppam Road, in S.No.156 of Ayanambakkam Village. CC/263/2017 CC Issued
220 EC/C2/7989/2017 02-06-2017 T.UDAYAKUMAR AND OTHERS (GPA) Old S.No.78/2, T.S.No.89/1, Block NO.31, Virugambakkam Village, Door No.4/56, Kamarajar Salai, Padmavathy Nagar, Virugambakkam, Chennai-92. CC/114/2018 CC Issued
221 EC/N1/7990/2017 02-06-2017 LAND MARK BARRACKS PROJECT PVT LTD., REP BY THIRU.T.UDHAYAKAUMAR & MANISH KUMAR JAIN No.27, Saravana Street, T.Nagar Chennai- 600 017. Old D.No.1A,1B,1/C,1D,1E,E1F,1/1,1/2,1F/3,1F/4,13,23/1,2,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19 and New D.Nos.1 to 24, 26, 28 & 30, Perambur Barracks Raod, Off Strahans Road, K.M.Garden Street, Angalamman Koil 1st Street and Binny Lane, Pattalam, Chennai - 600 012 comprised in Old R.S.No.2201/2, Present R.S.No.2201/98 (as per patta) Block No.34 of Purasawakkam Village, Chennai. CC/380/2018 2nd Partial CC Issued
222 EC/C2/7991/2017 02-06-2017 T.UDAYAKUMAR(POA OF THIRU M.SUKUMAR)GPA Plot No.B-68, Door no.31, Old Door No.24, 46th Street, Ashok Nagar, Chennai-83. in S.No.148/2pt, T.S.No.37, BlockNO.57 of Kodambakkam Village. CC/56/2018 CC Issued
223 EC/N1/7992/2017 02-06-2017 T. UDAYAKUMAR AND KHIMRAJ SAKARIYA GPA POA OF R.CHANDRA AND OTHERS TNHB Block No.138 to 148, Geethanjali Colony, Inner Ring Road, Anna Nagar West, Chennai-40. Comprised in T.S.No.19, Block NO.48 of Padi Village, T.S.No.1, Block No.1 of Koyambedu Village, T.S.No.89 Block No.41 of Villivakkam Village.
224 EC/C2/7993/2017 02-06-2017 GREEN PEACE CONSTRUCTION (P) LTD D-110, Anna Main Road, Sangeetha Colony, K.K.Nagar, Chennai - 78. T.S.No.116/6, Block No.139, Kodambakkam Village, Chennai. CC/259/2017 CC Issued
225 EC/S1/7994/2017 02-06-2017 P.VIJAYA (GPA) Door No.9, Plot No.E-102, Abuting Road of 17th Cross Street and third Main Road, Comprised in T.S.No.1pt, (as per Doc) T.S.No.1/9 as per Block No.41 of Urur Village, Chennai.
226 EC/N2/7995/2017 02-06-2017 M.V.M. VELMOHAN Old S.No.587/2, 596/1B, 596/2, 597/2, 598/1,2, T.S.No.36/3, 4, 38/8, 39/4, 40/5, 40/6, Block NO.86, Ward No.I of Paruthipattu Village. CC/42/2018 CC Issued
227 EC/C1/7996/2017 02-06-2017 S.KANIMOZHI GPA POA OF THIRU.S.ASHOKAN AND OTHERS Door No.15/9, Haddam Road, Ist Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai-34 comprised in R.S.No.109/21 Block NO.19 of Nungambakkam Village.
228 EC/S2/7997/2017 02-06-2017 THAMARAI HOMES PVT LTD REP BY ITS DIRECTOR THIRU. A NIRANJAN SHANKAR No.16 -20 A(SP )-Developed plot , Jawarhalal Nehru Road, Guindy, chennai-32. No.1 Elcot Avenue, Ist Street, S.No.439/1A1A1B & 494/2A4A1D of Sholinganallur Village, Chennai. CC/244/2017 CC Issued
229 EC/N1/7847/2017 05-06-2017 Vivekanandam & Devakumar Plot No.238, Door No.180, F Block, 4th Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai-102. bearing S.No.47/2pt of Peiryakuadal Village. CC/192/2017 CC Issued
230 EC/S2/7998/2017 05-06-2017 SELENE ESTATE LTD Jallandianpettai- Perumbakkam Joint Road, Jalladianpettai Village, Chennai-100. S.No.62/2C2,3, 63/1,2A, 2B, 64/1B, 2A, 2B, 65/1B, 2, 66/1,2 67, 68/1A,2A2, 3, 69/1A, 1B, 1C, 2, 3A,3B,3C, 70/1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8., 71/1, 2,3,5A, 5B2, 74/1C, 4, 75/1,2, 3A,3B,3C, 3D, 4, 5, 6A,6B, 6C, 6D, 76/1A,1B, 1C, 2, 3, 5B, 77/2A, 2B, 80/3E1, 3E2, 81/5B, 82/1 & 82/2 of Jalladianpettai Village,Perumbakkam- Jallandian pettai Joint Road, chennai Withdrawn
231 EC/N1/7999//2017 05-06-2017 SHIVANI CONSTRUCTION S.No.22/1B, 25/1A, 1B, 2, 3 of Melpakkam Village.
232 EC/N2/8000/2017 05-06-2017 VGN BUILDERS PVT LTD O.S.No.651/3, 4 and 652/2, Ward I, Block No.81, T.S.No.1 of Paruthipattu Village. CC/146/2018 CC Issued
233 EC/N2/8001/2017 05-06-2017 OM SHAKTHY AGENCIES (MADRAS) PVT. LIMITED., No.1, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Ekkattuthangal, Chennai-32 Old S.No.633/1Part, 637/1Part, 637/2, 635 & 638/1, T.S.No.11/1, 12/1, 12/3, 14/1 & 16, Block No.83 of Paruthipattu Village, Avadi Municipality, Chennai. CC/41/2018 3rd Partial CC Issued
234 EC/S1/8002/2017 05-06-2017 ETICA DEVELOPERS(P) LTD (GPA) REP BY ITS M.D. THIRU.G.DILIBAN Plot No.C, Old Door No.19, New Door No.6, Chitharanjan Road, Teynampet, Chennai-18. comprised in R.S.No.3842/10, Block No.76 of Mylapore Village. CC/05/2018 CC Issued
235 EC/S1/8090/2017 05-06-2017 ETA PROPERTIES & INVESTEMENTS PVT LTD, Chennai City Centre, 4th Floor, No.10&11, Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, Chennai-4 D.No.99 in Greenways Road, D.No.131 in R.K.Mutt Road, Chennai in R.S.No.4267/2 ,3 , 4, 5,6,7 & 8 , Block No.92 of Mylapore Village. CC/233/2018 CC Issued
236 EC/C2/8091/2017 05-06-2017 A.T.ANSARI (GPA) New Door No.2 & 4, Old Door No.35 & 36, Prakasam Street, T.Nagar, Chennai-17. in R.S.No.8449/1 Block NO.110 of T.Nagar Village. CC/315/2017 CC Issued
237 EC/C1/8092/2017 05-06-2017 ADHESIVES AND CHEMICALS No.6 Arcot Road Porur Chennai-600 116. S.Nos.129/3A1 130/1 131/1B1A 132/1 133 and 134/1A of Porur Village Arcot Road Chennai. CC/84/2018 CC Issued
238 EC/S1/8093/2017 05-06-2017 INDUS HOMES (GPA) Plot No.6pt old Door No.2/1, New Door No.4, 2nd Cresent Park Road, Gandhi Nagr, Adyar, Chennai-20. comprised in Old S.No.1pt, as per TSLR T.S.No.9/2, Block NO.33 of Korattur Village. Greater Chennai Corporation. CC/26/2018 CC Issued
239 EC/S1/8094/2017 05-06-2017 SUMANTH & CO.(GPA) (POA FOR R.PRABHA & T.S. ANAND). Plot.No.276, New Door.No.109, Old.Door.No.45 (44), Fourth Main Road, Gandhi Nagar,Adayar, Chennai-20. Comprised in Old.S.No.9/1 (part), New T.S.No.29, Block.No.31 of Kottur Village, Within the Chennai Corporation Limit. CC/94/2018 CC Issued
240 EC/C1/8095/2017 05-06-2017 K.T.M. AHAMED MUSTAFA Plot No.12, New No.14, Old No.19, Wheat Crafts Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai -34. in R.S.No.533/12(as per Document) R.S.No.533/32 (as per patta) Block No.29, Nungambakkam Village. CC/226/2017 CC Issued
241 EC/N1/7849/2017 06-06-2017 Jothirathanam.A Plot No.1425, Door No.92, H Block, 13th Main Road, Anna Nagar, in Old S.No.223pt, T.S.No.31, Block No.3 of Koyambedu Village, Chennai-40. CC/197/2017 CC Issued
242 EC/N1/8096/2017 09-06-2017 Narendrapal singh Plot No.4880, Old Door No.17, New door No.26 AB Block, 5th Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40. in T.S.No.29, Block No.1D of Naduvakkarai Village. CC/184/2017 CC Issued
243 EC/S1/11877/2015 8190/2017 09-06-2017 Gopinath.V. Plot No.6, Old door No.25, New Door No.51, 3rd Street,East Abhiramapuram, Mylapore, Chennai-4. comprised in Old R.S.No.3581pt Present R.S.No.3581/40, Block No.71 of Mylapore Village with in the Limits of Chennai Corporation. CC/193/2017 CC Issued
244 EC/C1/5393/2016 8189/2017 09-06-2017 Dr.Anjaneyalu Plot No.6, Door No.6/6, Valluvar Road, T.S.D. Nagar, Arumbakkam, Chennai-106. in Old S.No.11/1B2B, R.s.No.47, Block No.47 of Koyambedu Village. CC/238/2017 CC Issued
245 EC/N2/8316/2017 12-06-2017 M/S.ANJALI INFRA HOUSING LLP REP BY SIDDHARTH MAHER No.25, Burnaby Road, Kilpauk, Chennai -10. S.No.34/2pt & 37pt, T.S.No.2/2, Bk no.12, Padi Village, Chennai. CC/43/2018 CC Issued
246 EC/S1/8317/2017 12-06-2017 PARVATHY ORTHO HOSPITAL PVT LTD Door No.244, GST Road, Chrompet, Chennai-44. comprised in T.S.No.15/1(Old S.No.485/19A3, 486/6A1) Block No .36, Ward No.E, Zamin Pallavaram Village, Pallavaram Municipality. Withdrawn
247 EC/N2/8371/2017 13-06-2017 Dr.Shanmugam.R.P S.No.65/2, of Korattur Village, Water Canal Road,(Madanankuppam Road, Korattur, Chennai. CC/235/2017 CC Issued
248 EC/N2/8372/2017 13-06-2017 Vijpal Khishi Chandrabali Street Block No.58,Church Road,|Mugappair Village CC/310/2017 CC Issued
249 EC/S2/8373/2017 13-06-2017 Dhanalakshmi.J Nookampalayam Main Road, comprised in S.No.225/3A1 & 3A2 of Perumbakkam Village CC/183/2017 CC Issued
250 EC/N1/8318/2017 13-06-2017 Prema Padmanaban Plot No.261, MKB Nagar, 9th Cross Street, in T.S.No.738/6part, 739/2part and 739/5pt, Block No.37 of Perambur Village, Chennai-39.
251 EC/N2/8319/2017 13-06-2017 OIL AND NATURAL GAS CORPORATION LTD, SOUTHERN REGION, CIVIL ENGINEERING SECTION 9E, CMDA Building - 1 Egmore Chennai-8. Plot No.R-12A1, R-14 and R19, Anna Nagar Western Extn Scheme, in S.No.134pt, 135pt, 136pt, 137pt, 143pt, 144pt, 145pt, 146pt, 147pt, 156pt, 160pt,161pt, and 253pt of Padi Village, Park Road, Anna Nagar Western Extn, Chennai. CC/346/2018 CC Issued
252 EC/N2/10860/2010 8484/2017 13-06-2017 M/s.CPCL S.No.169/3Pt.,5Pt.,6,7,8,9Apt.,and 178/1pt.,5pt.21pt.,22apt.,23Apt.,24pt.,25,26pt.,27pt., of Manali Village
253 EC/C1/8421/2017 14-06-2017 AMAR PRAKASH DEVELOPERS PVT LTD REP BY MD.THIRU.AADARSH KUMAR SURANA No.412/7, GST Road, Chrompet, Chennai-44. 40005001, 228/2, 229/3 ,230, 231/1,2 232/1B, 2, 233/1B, 2B, 241, 242/1A, 243/1,2A, 2B 244, 248/2A2, 2A3A of Thirumudivakkam Village, Kundrathur Panchayat union, Sriperumbudur Taluk, Kancheepuram District, Chennai
254 EC/S2/8423/2017 14-06-2017 A.SELVAM AND P.RAMANATHAN S.No.97/1B1, 101/1A, 101/1B, 102/1A3, 1B2, 2A1B, 2A2B(as per patta) Ottiyambakkam Village, Ottiyambakkam Main Road, Chennai. CC/144/2018 CC Issued
255 EC/C1/8480/2017 14-06-2017 AMAR PRAKASH DEVELOPERS PVT LTD REP BY MD.THIRU.AADARSH KUMAR SURANA No.412/7, GST Road, Chrompet, Chennai-44. 40005001, 228/2, 229/3 ,230, 231/1,2 232/1B, 2, 233/1B, 2B, 241, 242/1A, 243/1,2A, 2B 244, 248/2A2, 2A3A of Thirumudivakkam Village, Kundrathur Panchayat union, Sriperumbudur Taluk, Kancheepuram District, Chennai CC/242/2018 CC Issued
256 EC/S2/8481/2017 14-06-2017 LAND MARK HOUSING PROJECTS (INDIA) PVT LTD REP BY T.UDAYAKUMAR GPA FOR METAL IMPEX & 2 OTHERS Door No.16, School Road, Ramappa Nagar Ist Cross Street Perungudi, Chennai-96. comprised in Old S.No.56/1Apt, Present S.No.56/16B1 & 56/16B2(patta) of Perungudi Village, with in Greater Chennai Corporation Limit. CC/115/2018 CC Issued
257 EC/C1/4841/2015 8568/2017 15-06-2017 Prestige Group S.Nos.1/1, 1/2, 2, 3/1, 3/2, 3/3, 5/1, 8/2A, 35, 42/1, 42/1A, 42/1B, 42/2, 42/3A, 3B, 4, 5, 43/1, 2, 44/1A, 1B, 44/2, 3, 45/1A, 1B, 45/2, 3, 4A, 4B, 46/1, 2, 3, 47/1E, 48/1A, 1B, 2, 3, 4, 49/1, 2, 3, 50/1A, 1B, 2, 3, 4, 51/1APart, 51/1B1, 1B3, 1C1, 1C3, 1D, 1E, 52/1, 2, 53 & 54/1Part of Ayyappanthangal Village, Mount Poonamallee Road, Chennai
258 EC/N2/8479/2017 15-06-2017 Ananthapadmanan.G.R. S.No.122/2A1A1 and 122/2A1A2, T.S.No.71, Block No.8, Ward No.G. Vilinjiambakkam Village, CTH Road, Chennai. CC/185/2017 CC Issued
259 EC/N2/8853/2017 20-06-2017 Balaji.R. Plot No.6/PC2-4, and 6/pC-2-5, Avadi S & S Scheme, Avadi in S.No.713/1B1 pt of Paruthipattu Village, Chennai. Returned
260 EC/C2/8850/2017 20-06-2017 Kanya Homes P.Ltd.,Rep.By its Director N.Mathavanan & N.Jayakumar. TNHB Block Nos.M31, M32, M33 M34, P.V.Rajamannar Salai, & Kannigapuram Ist Street, K.K.Nagar, Chennai-78. in Old S.Nos.52/2pt & 3pt, BlockNO.95 of Kodambakkam Village. CC/39/2018 CC Issued
261 EC/N1/8852/2017 20-06-2017 Govindaraj.S. GPA of V.Vijayakumar Plot No.4046A, Door No.3, V Block, 4th main Road, Anna Nagar, Chennai-40. at Old S.No.75pt, T.S.No.433, Block No.2 of Mullam Village. CC/287/2017 CC Issued
262 EC/C2/8849/2017 20-06-2017 Udayakumar .T & Others. S.No.117/7, 8 & 118/5, T.S.No.6529, Block No.140 of T.Nagar Village, Plot NO.16, Old Door No.26, New Door No.24 Krishna Street, T.Nagar, Chennai -17.
263 EC/C1/8851/2017 20-06-2017 Venkatesh Kumaraswamy (GPA) (Owners Venkatesh Kumaraswamy, Rajalakshmi Kumaraswamy Parvathy Kumarswamy) Plot No.10B, Old Door No.17, New Door No.10, Wheat Crafts Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai-34. in Old S.No.399, R.S.No.533/21 Block No.29 of Nungambakkam Village. CC/01/2018 CC Issued
264 EC/S1/8854/2017 20-06-2017 Prabhavathy.C and Chakaravarthy Old S.No.1607pt, and 1605/4pt, (As per Doc) T.S.No.1595/136(as per patta) Mylapore village, Plot No.136 Old Door No.1, New Door No.1, 2nd Link Road, and 4th Cross Street CIT Colony, Mylapore Village, Chennai-4. Withdrawn
265 EC/C2/8855/2017 21-06-2017 Karthikayan.T.C. Bangalore Highway Road, in S.No.84/3, 85/3B3C of Madavilagam Village, Chennai. CC/203/2017 CC Issued
266 EC/S1/8856/2017 21-06-2017 Krithika Subramaqnian R.S.No.3905/4, 3906/3, Block No.85 of Mylapore Village, Block No.N 1 to N6, Turnbulls Road, 3rd Cross and 4th Cross Street, Nandanam, Chennai-35. CC/269/2017 CC Issued
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